Advise, design, supply, install and optimise permanent venue sound systems.


  • Oxford Art Factory
  • Shady Pines Saloon
  • Baxter Inn
  • TIOS
  • Frankies
  • Earls
  • Cliff Dive
  • Hubert
  • Kittyhawk
  • Big Poppas


Equipment is chosen for good sound quality and to be reliable, flexible, upgradable, economic, durable and above all simple to operate. Brands used include Allen & Heath, BSS, Lab Gruppen, Martin Audio, Powersoft, QSC, Tannoy, Turbosound.
  • digital programmable ¬†open architecture system processor
  • password protection,
  • digital network signal transfer
  • simplified cabling shielded ethernet network cable
  • networked remote wall mountedremote controls
  • mobile devices via wifi ethernet
  • Amplifiers, multichannel, variable load capability, remotely controllable on board DSP, network signal and control
  • Self powered loudspeakers, onboard DSP, networked control, signal inputs
  • Subbass
  • Smaller satellite loudspeakers


  • free of interference hum, noise, signal degradation
  • Ethernet
  • Programmable software on
  • Future upgradability.
  • prevents unauthorised modification of system settings protecting equipment
  • Simplifies operation of complex zone control.
  • Reduces cabling costs

  • Frankies
  • TIOS-barman
  • PS 40
    Cocktail Bar with soda bottling...
  • Hubert #6


I first met Ben Drayton , the DJ, when we worked together on a Vanessa party at Metro Theatre in 199? late 1990s. Some years later, in ???, Ben organised for me to provide sound for an early Bad Dog party. 15 years on they are still running, and I still provide the sound systems. In 20?? Ben arranged me to provide a special sound system for a one-off event at the Phoenix Club, Exchange Hotel. The venue manager Mark Gerber liked the result and asked me to design and supervise the installation of a sound system for a new music venue he was opening in 20??. Oxford Art Factory (OAF). Equipment from Technical Audio Group, was installed by AVsound Jason Scott was working at OAF and noticed my work. He later formed Swillhouse with Anton Forte and opened the Shady Pines Saloon. As it became successful Jason approached me to upgrade the sound system. I installed a background music system of distributed, self powered loudspeakers, adequate for live music performances. It worked well and led to installed sound systems for other new Sydney venues.